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First look at Firefox OS


Mozilla’s new mobile operating system “Firefox OS” is a complete, standalone operating system for the open web. The most interesting thing about it is this OS can run on another OS, As its previous name “Boot to Gecko” suggests, Firefox OS is based on Gecko code interestingly Firefox and Thunderbird are also based on Gecko code. Firefox OS will also use some Android kernels and drivers to make the OS run on Android devices.


You may be thinking what the idea behind the project is. Here what Dr. Andreas Gal, Director of Research at Mozilla Corporation announced on the platform mailing list will clear your doubts .

“We will do this work in the open, we will release the source in real-time, we will take all successful additions to an appropriate standards group, and we will track changes that come out of that process. We aren’t trying to have these native-grade apps just run on Firefox, we’re trying to have them run on the web.” (Andreas Gal)


Mozilla Firefox OS is yet boost to it and on the assumption that Firefox OS will use HTML5 heavily. The future is web and Firefox OS is being developed for the web. The computing is slowly moving to the web with browser being the desktop and the network being the server may be it is very simplification but all you might need is a browser with an Internet connection. It is accessing from PC, mobile or tablet pc.


Firefox OS in nutshell


  • Extend the capabilities of open web technologies.
  • Standardize successful changes.
  • Displace proprietary, single vendor application stacks.
  • Work completely in the open, release source in real time.


A look at anatomy of Firefox OS


Gaia (Collection of Apps)

Gaia is basically collection of all the apps .it utilizes lock screen, home screen, telephone dialer, text-messaging application, camera app and everything that you will see on the screen.

  • Mobile front end for B2G
  • A collection of Open Web Apps
    • Homescreen
    • Dialer
    • SMS
    • Contacts
    • Browser
    • Camera
    • Gallery
    • Music
    • Video Player
    • Settings
    • Calculator
    • Clock
    • Market



Gonk (Kernel)

It’s the lower-level “operating system” of Firefox OS. It specifications are

  • Linux kernel
  • User space hardware abstraction layer (HAL)
  • Re-uses the following open source projects
    • Linux (reasonably close toupstream)
    • Libusb
    • Bluez
    • Android gps
    • Android camera


Gecko (Application runtime)

It’s the application runtime of Firefox OS.

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript implementations
  • Networking stack
  • Graphics stack
  • Layout engine

New Web APIs

  • Telephony
  • SMS
  • Contacts
  • Browser
  • Camera
  • Media Storage
  • Settings Screen Orientation
  • Power Management
  • Sensor
  • WiFi Information
  • Battery Status

That’s not all it also extends its features to


  1. BrowserID

BrowserID is an easy way to sign into websites. Instead of making up a hard-to-remember username and password for each site, BrowserID lets you use your email address and a single password to sign in to any site that supports it.

  • You can use one easy-to-remember log in for all sites that support BrowserID.
  • You never have to trust a website with your password because they never know it. Also, your password can’t be stolen if one of those websites gets hacked.


  1. “App” UX

App ux specifications are

  • Work offline
  • In-app navigation
  • One window
  • Full screen
  • Responsive to device capabilities
  • Touch-based input
  • Screen size
  • Orientation
  • Degrade gracefully


Given that the Mozilla has a reputation for having one of the best in their field; by my first look I can definitely say Mozilla is keen in ensuring that the Firefox OS will uphold that reputation.

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